1 Gal. Super Seal Smooth Patch

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Super Seal™ Smooth Patch is a blacktop repair product designed to repair medium to large cracks, smooth out rough spots and fill minor depressions.


  • Black, Rubberized, Cement-Like Mix
  • Speed Seal Technology: Seal in 4 hours
  • Asphaltic Adhesive, Self Bonding Formula
  • Trowels to a feather-edge finish
  • For large cracks, ruts, depressions

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Super Seal™ Smooth Patch is a ready to use problem solver for many blacktop problems. Smooth Patch is a black cement-like mixture that is to be used on many common blacktop problems: large cracks, ruts, minor depressions and areas of allegation. Remember to apply in thin lifts as a thick lift will not cure (Allow first lift to cure before applying 2nd – we don’t recommend more than 2 lifts.) Can be sealed over when repair is cured - 4 hours on a sunny / low humidity day.

Caution: Do not allow product to freeze. Apply when temperature is at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit and rising. Do not apply if rain is forecast for 24 hours. Do not apply in cracks wider than 1/2". Fresh crack filler will clean up with soap and water. For late/Fall season applications MAKE SURE you apply a thin layer as sun angle is low, nights are cool and this product cures via evaporation. Applying too thick will not set up and may track.