YES! When you purchase any Super Seal TM product you can be assured you have a QUALITY product. Contractors use a "bulk" sealer that is diluted with water – the amount of which you do not know as the customer: the more diluted the less asphalt you receive.  In terms of the application process, many contractors spray the sealer down in order to save time. This method leaves the sealer sitting ‘on top’ whereas a homeowner will squeegee the sealer on which properly fills in the pores and last longer.

We recommend waiting at least 6 months prior to sealing to allow the oils in new blacktop to release out. If your driveway beads up when water is sprayed on it, it’s not yet ready for application.

Sealer is water based and will no longer be good if it freezes. The product will be good to go the next season if it hasn’t frozen. We recommend you put a towel down and keep the pails stored upside down making for easy mixing come Spring time!

The asphalt temperature must be at or above 55°F in order for the sealer to adhere. Typically, early/mid-April through early October is the sealing season. Don’t wait until it’s too cold at night to seal! Once the temperature starts to get chilly and dip below 55°F at night for an extended period of time, it is too late to seal, and the product will not adhere properly – resulting in peeling.

The coverage rate of driveway coatings is very important. If you don't use enough, you'll have untreated areas of the driveway. If you use too much applying a thick coat, the sealer will never "set up" or cure properly, and the excess may track into your home! The driveway must cure for at least 24 hours prior to car traffic (you can walk on it after a couple of hours on a nice day). It should cure overnight prior to applying a second coat of sealer or if very sunny/no humidity 2-4 hours before 2nd coat should be fine. For the warranty to be valid, a second coat is required on some of our sealer products. Refer to package for details.

The best applicator for a driveway is a squeegee. Brushes and rollers are simply the wrong tool for the job as they do not spread the sealer evenly nor do they properly fill the pores of your asphalt like a squeegee does. (Plus, the use of a roller voids our warranty!) If you want to edge the driveway first, you may do so with a brush. The rubber blade of our squeegee can be rinsed off and stored to be used again.

We recommend waiting until the first coat is fully cured. It is best to give it 24 hours so that all areas, including the hairline cracks that get filled, are fully dry. If the driveway has been sealed early in the morning and the entire driveway is fully dry, you may put a second coat on later in the day.

Applying two coats of Super Seal TM will dry and cure much better than one thick coat. All Super Seal TM products are water based, which "cure" via evaporation. A thin coat will evaporate much faster than a thick coat will. If you apply one thick coat, you are "locking in" that initial coat and the sealer will hold water which causes tracking.

Try and do the entire project at one time. Different shades of color can result from the following things that you should avoid:

- Starting and stopping.

- Not keeping the bead wet on the asphalt.

- Different purchase dates of product. 

Yes, you are able to cut/dilute it by adding 1/2 gallon water maximum to a pail. You cannot dilute our patch and repair products.

Yes, on the sealers only and 1 pound per pail is the maximum (masonry or play sand).