Use the recommended professional grade Super Seal™ products and follow the instructions to attain professional results at a fraction of the cost. 

Follow application instructions on each product container. Plan to prep and repair on the first day, and seal the next day. 

Tips & Techniques

- Use the proper tools! Visit our products page to determine right equipment for the task at hand.

- Use Super Seal™ products on asphalt driveways only – no concrete.

- Wait at least 6 months after paving before sealing your driveway.

- Use water to remove wet sealer.

- Use a high performance cleaner containing citrus to remove dry sealer.

- Make repairs when asphalt temperature is 55°F and rising and no rain is forecasted for a period of 48 hours. (If below 55°F at night then the asphalt is too cold for application).

- Carefully protect non-asphalt sections of the driveway – if you have a concrete sidewalk you can put an old sheet down and duct tape it.

- Power wash the driveway prior to sealing and repairs to remove sap, dirt and debris. Use weed killer to remove remnants of grass and weeds in cracks.

- For tamping pothole repairs, use anything with a flat hard surface and some weight to it (ie: patio brick, cinder block, piece of metal, 2x4 and a hammer). To speed up the drying/curing time, lightly dust the patched area with sand or Portland cement. 

- For crack repair thoroughly clean cracks with a screwdriver and whisk broom prior to filling. Do not fill completely fill cracks – apply filler to approximately 1/8” below the crack surface.


Trim all grass and vegetation away from the edges of the asphalt surface. Sweep clear the entire driveway. Remove dirt and pickup loose stones and asphalt from any ruts, potholes or low spots.


Scrub oil, gas spots and other stains with a driveway cleaner.  Rinse away the dirty residue with water (if you have a powerwasher that works well). Repeat this process until the stain is clean.  Give the entire driveway a good rinse.


Fill fine and medium cracks (up to 1/2”) with 1ga. Super Seal™ Premium Crack Filler.  Snip off end of spout and pour black rubberized sealant into unsightly cracks up to 1/2".  Fill just below asphalt surface – do not over fill.  Filler will remain pliable, expanding when hot and contracting when cold.  If you spill any crack filler on the pavement surface, simply wipe up with wet rag or scrape off excess with a putty knife. Allow to cure overnight prior to sealing.


Trowel large cracks, areas of "allegation", depressions and low spots with 1gal. Super Seal™ Smooth Patch – a smooth asphalt repair product designed to repair medium to large cracks, smooth out rough spots and fill minor depressions. Trowel in layers of 1/4" to 1/2" greater as it sets up from the top down. Allow each lift to harden overnight before applying next lift (We do not recommend more than 2 lifts). Build up the patch until level and feather out the edges for a smooth, neat, uniform appearance. Once you finished troweling, give it at least 24 hours to properly cure prior to sealing.


Fill ruts, potholes, cut outs, and other areas with a 1gal Super Seal™ Stone Patch. Make sure repair has clearly identified edges as the product needs to compact in order to cure properly.  You can use a chisel and hammer to make the sidewalls. Fill in the repair slightly above the asphalt surface. Use end of 2x4 or tamper and compact until level with the asphalt. Check your work with a straight edge. Allow 2 weeks to cure prior to sealing over repair.