4.75 Gal. X-Treme Driveway Filler Sealer

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This product is one of our top of the line high performance asphalt driveway sealers.

X-Treme Seal is formulated using an advanced technology that incorporates a flexible polymer system so not only will the sealer adhere to your driveway better it will adhere to itself better…extending the life of your asphalt investment.  Can be applied in colder temperatures (40°F) versus traditional sealers (55°F) allowing for Spring and late Fall applications.


  • COLD WEATHER Technology:  Apply down to 40°F
  • FAST DRY Foot Traffic in 1 Hour
  • BEST FINISH with added UV Protection
  • EASIEST MIX Gel Formula
  • NON-SKID Texturized Formula


X-Treme Seal is recommended for all condition driveways, small lots and will work well on both never been sealed (2 coats may be needed) or driveways that have been sealed before.

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